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Your   Infinity   Team

Kirsten Williams

After graduating from Southern Conneticut State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing; Kirsten’s natural curiosity led her to explore the many different facets of being a nurse and accumulated over 20 years of nursing experience. From being a travel nurse to working in surgery, Kirsten has taken upon each role with excitement and a desire to help people. With all the different technologies and ever-evolving nature of the laser hair removal and medical spa industry, it seemed a perfect fit for Kirsten. Kirsten’s other passions are her son, Nikolas, spending time with family and her Yorkie Terrier, affectionately called Moose.

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Tracey Gray

Tracey’s love for friends and family extends out to people

she has just met. Tracey has a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing with over 25 years of experience. Tracey’s loving nature has helped her in comforting people and their loved ones with ease. If you are getting laser hair removal, injectables, or cellulite treatment, don’t be surprised when you find yourself telling Tracey your life story. Her ability to make people open up combined with her enthusiasm is what makes Skininfinity Laser the perfect business for her. In her off time, Tracey enjoys family time with her husband Bill and twin daughters, Kira and Hayden.  

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