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Dermaplaning Contraindications:




As with any procedure, proper client selection is essential. Be sure to have your client complete the
Medical History form. Review the form with the client and complete any areas left blank. It is important
to look for possible contraindications to treatment. For each subsequent treatment be sure to ask if there
are changes in health or medications. Timelines below are a guide, however, treatment may be further
delayed if the client’s skin is inflamed, peeling, swollen, bruised, delayed in healing from another
treatment or in any way distressed. Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding the
• Botox or Fillers - Wait 1 week after injection. It is ok to dermaplane prior to client receiving injections.
Dermaplaning after injection can move the product causing an undesirable result.
• Retin-A - Have client stop using 5-days pre and post-treatment.
• Chemical peel - Dermaplaning may be done prior to a peel. Post-peel wait 14+ days depending upon
strength and depth of the peel and condition of clients skin. This will vary by client and treatment.
• Laser treatment - Dermaplaning may be done prior to laser treatment with proper training. Post-laser
wait 14(+) days depending upon treatment and condition of client’s skin. Th is will vary by client and
• IPL - Dermaplaning may be done prior to treatment with proper training. Post-IPL wait 10+ days
depending upon treatment and condition of client’s skin. Th is will vary by client and treatment.
• Clients prone to PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) - Pre- and post-treat for at least 2 weeks
prior to and following dermaplaning with appropriate home care which includes melanin suppressants.
• Diabetes - Must be under control by diet or medication
• Cancer - Not while undergoing treatment. Following conclusion of treatments doctor approval required.
• Accutane or Isotretinoin - Ok, after 12 months of non-use and with doctors approval
• Blood thinners or history of bleeding problems/delayed coagulation following injury - No
• Higher dosages or frequency of use of Aspirin - No
• Acne - Grade 3 or above - No, do not dermaplane
• Pustular acne lesion that is red and irritated - Avoid area or alternative treatment
• Cystic acne lesion - Avoid area
• Cold Sores - No, reschedule
• Moles & Skin Tags - Avoid area
• Sunburn or windburned skin - No, Gently cleanse and apply calming mask (our Ageless Mask is perfect
for this), reschedule for dermaplaning
• Clients who are experiencing high anxiety - No, facial with a scrub is a better option until anxiety is

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