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Using needles to puncture hundreds of tiny holes in the skin may sound crazy at first, but microneedling is the perfect fix for many problems such as wrinkles, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, and wrinkles. Microneedling may seem like a new craze, but with proven results in different studies throughout the year, we know it is here to stay.

A topical serum is applied to clean skin (in most cases, we will provide a hyaluronic serum) to help the device safely glide across the skin’s surface while creating thousands of micro-channels every second, which helps stimulate the skin’s natural healing process. These micro-wounds stimulate new cell growth, collagen growth, and elastin production. It is like you're tricking your skin into thinking it is brand new!

One of the enormous benefits of microneedling is how quickly you see results. The process of microneedling may sound painful, but most people report minimum if any discomfort during their procedure. You can see reduced scarring or wrinkles as soon as after your first treatment; however, for best results, three treatments of microneedling demonstrate visible reduction of scarring and wrinkles that used to be only achievable through intensive laser treatment or surgery.

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