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Laser Skin Rejuvenation

GentleMax Pro® laser treatment gives us the ability to rejuvenate blemishes on your skin such as acne scarring, spider veins, redness, sun spots, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Some of our blemishes add something unique to who we are, while others destroy our confidence and make us feel self-conscious.


Our comprehensive laser treatments work to remove those blemishes and restore your confidence. Our laser technology combines efficiency and effectiveness to make it one of the best laser treatments on the market for unwanted blemishes.

How It Works:

Gentle Max Pro® laser treatment delivers a brief, intense beam of light that targets different areas depending on what you are having treated. The wavelength of the laser changes depending on the treatment. Basically, different things in our skin will absorb different wavelengths of light. Ultimately, this means that the laser uses one wavelength to target brown spots and another wavelength to target other issues like acne scarring, spider veins or redness.



GentleMax Pro® allows us to treat basically any area of the body. We can use our laser treatment to target the facial area, back, chest, legs, feet, hands, neck, and arms.

What To Expect:

We will use a small handpiece to deliver an intense but gentle burst of energy onto targeted areas of the skin. Therapeutic heat then safely and effectively removes unwanted blemishes. Depending on the treatment performed you may feel heat or slight discomfort, which has been compared to snapping a rubber band against the skin.  This discomfort resolves quickly and is minimized by our patented Dynamic Cooling Device. A cool compress or gel pack may be applied for additional comfort after your treatment. Any redness or swelling should resolve in a few hours. You should avoid sun exposure before and after treatment to minimize unwanted effects.

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